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    I created this site in Nov of 2011 in the hope of bringing back and preserving the Anti-Hacking Bill that was originally created by Person and then updated and brought back by myself. With help from CPAC's popularity and the help/support of the army community I hope to make this project a success.

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ACP Breaking AHB Bill, War Should Be Declared Soon

Sorry guys, I got bored. Disregard ~Shab

Jcapp, your decision has been overruled since a new AHB was never written, thus, I still have the power to do this. Until you write a new version of the bill, the old stays in effect.


ACP currently have a mod on their chat by the name of Coff. According to Ken, he is an “allied leader”. He was also banned by the AHB, and has even been torched by xat. Torching means that a person’s account is completely deleted, usually due to a high volume of scamming or due to hacks done by that person. Not sure where, in their claim of having a safe chat and fighting against “evil” or whatever you want to call it, modding someone like Coff fits but you all know that they’ll come up with some reason.

Armies, you claimed that the AHB was used by the ACP as a tool. While you will never believe me that that is false, now is your time to get revenge. Use the AHB for yourself, declare war against the ACP.

To The ACP: It has become increasing clear that Kenneth1000 is incompetant in his role as an owner. He has made falsifiers owners multiple times (I believe the count is up to 3) and has modded people like Coff with the simple reason of “Hes an allied leader.” The AHB does not believe that such a person can keep a chat safe, or the people in it, from everything the AHB was created to protect it and every other CP chat from.

Therefore, once Coff is unmodded, Kenneth is unownered for a period of time no shorter than 1 week, and a bill is drawn up to force any owner to get 3/5 approval from other owners before a new mod can be made in order to insure that incompetence cannot as easily cause such problems in the future.

Otherwise, Kenneth1000, you will be noted as a medium violator and if Coff is kept mod, will be charged as a greater violator and recorded as such.

The Anti-Hacking Bill


Waterkid100 Suspended 2 Weeks for Publishing Personal Information

Waterkid100, former Leader of the Pirates, has been suspended from armies for 2 weeks for publishing the personal information of a number of people on his website.

The information posted includes homepages, emails, and IP addresses.

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Zak Suspended 1 Week for Doxing

Nachos Division General and Owner “Zak” has been suspended from armies for 1 week for doxing.

Assuming that he is an editor on the Nachos website, this marks the second violation in just over a week where the Nachos website was use to collect personal information for a dox on another member of the army community. The AHB respects the Nachos compliance with the bill in firing Molly for her association with SaW’s doxing spree, however as long as Zak remains at his current position, they are again in violation of the bill.

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Why we need to crack down and other opinions I have.

Hello there viewers and co-workers, today I come to you all to talk about why we need to crack down on anti-hack bill offenders and also give them a fair trial.  So, please stay and let me amaze you with some medioocre writing that we come so fondly of calling a post.  Today, we shall call it a plethura of writing.

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New Ban List

Hello AHB Armies

We have quite a situation at feephill chat, which means we will have to ban some people forever until we can figure out how they were involved, if they were. Do not worry, we will unban if you are found by investigation that you are innocent, and I promise this is going to be a fair investigation.

Saw, Tal, Coff, Dream, Protocol, Tyler, Virus, Eyes, Unknown, Molly, and Fallen all for scamming.

Because Talyor is RPF leader and the RPF signed the bill, the RPF will not be recognized as an army for 3 months and will not receive any hacking support if it shall become necessary.

Any questions can be put into the comments.



This is an alert from the Anti-Hack Bill police to normal ever day viewers. In the most recent days, the Dark Warriors have converted their site to obtain usernames and pass words using their domain dwofcp.com with other stuff. This other stuff is that the front page of dwofcp.com is an almost exact lay out of the xat log in page. Users are reminded to not give out information of their xat account unless on the official xat log in page. Please contact in a comment about any further questions. I remind for the final time to NOT click dwofcp.com but if you do, to ABSOLUTELY NOT ENTER IN YOUR XAT INFORMATION.


Thank you,


Talyor455 Punishment

The following will describe the reasoning for the punishment of Talyor455. Tal is a leader of a signed army, but the army that the place committed did not sign the bill. However, in reasoning, an army is still bound by a contract, no matter of dead status, being revived status, etc. It is also to be considered that an army must control their soldiers for their actions. RPF did not control their soldiers, and allowed one of their soldiers to violate the bill and delete stuff on another army’s website.

Therefore, the precedent being set forth is that if you are a soldier under the bill of a signed army, you will still be held liable in another army, unless you quit the army that signed the bill. 

Tal will be banned from March 23, 2012 6:00 PM EDT to March 30, 2012 9:00 AM EDT. Thank you